GRANT Ice Cool 35mg

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Grant Ice Cool Nicotine Pouches – a revolutionary new product

Welcome to the world of Grant Ice Cool Nicotin Pouches! If you’re looking for a convenient and discreet way to get your nicotine fix, look no further than these slim format pouches. Available in two strengths – 20 mg/g and 35mg/g – they offer a perfect balance between potency and taste. 

The slim design of the pouches makes them easy to carry around with you throughout the day, allowing you access to your nicotine hit whenever needed without drawing too much attention. The ice cool flavor provides an enjoyable experience that won't leave any aftertaste or smell behind like some other products on the market can do. Plus, their slow-release formula ensures that each pouch will last longer than traditional cigarettes or vapes - giving more bang for your buck! 

At Grant we understand how important it is for our customers to have access quality products at reasonable prices which is why all our nicotin pouches come with competitive pricing options so everyone can enjoy them regardless of budget constraints . We also provide other related products from within this range such as menthol flavored versions along with various pack sizes depending on individual needs - making sure there's something out there suitable for everyone's tastes!  

Grant Ice Cool Nicotin Pouch are designed specifically with smokers in mind; providing convenience, discretion , affordability & great tasting flavors all rolled into one package ! So if it's time switch up smoking habits then make sure give these bad boys try today - trust us when say won't regret it !

More Information
Size Slim
Strength 35mg/g
Flavour Mint