VELO Freeze X-Strong

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Welcome to the world of Velo Freeze Nicotin Pouches! This innovative product is designed to provide a convenient and discreet way for nicotine users to get their daily dose. Available in 16 mg/g strength, these slim format pouches are easy-to-use and offer an enjoyable experience.

The unique freeze technology used in the production of Velo Freeze Nicotin Pouches ensures that they remain fresh longer than other products on the market, making them ideal for those who need a reliable source of nicotine throughout their day. The slow release formula provides an even distribution over time so you can enjoy consistent satisfaction without having to worry about running out too soon or feeling overwhelmed by too much at once. 

In addition, these pouches come in several different flavors – Ice Cool and Winterchill – allowing you to find your favorite taste quickly and easily depending on your mood or preference. Whether you’re looking for something cool & refreshing or something warm & comforting, there’s sure be one that fits perfectly with what you need every time! 

 Finally, thanks Velo's commitment towards safety standards all ingredients used are tested rigorously before being released into production ensuring quality assurance as well as peace of mind when using this product regularly throughout your life style needs . So why wait? Get yourself some velo freeze nicotin pouches today!

One of the most popular nicotine pouch on the market is the VELO Freeze. This strong nicotine pouch with a nicotine content of 15.6 mg/g has developed over time from an all white snus to one of the most wanted nicotine pouch. Remember EPOK and LYFT? Despite the name changes, the tobacco manufacturer BAT managed to maintain the quality of this nicotine pouch. The VELO Freeze has a breathtaking flavour of peppermint and menthol and users often stick to this product due to its stability.
More Information
Size Slim
Strength 16mg/g
Flavour Mint